(An adapted narrative from Akiane’s short film Entanglement)At three o’clock one morning I woke up from a very strange and vivid dream. I saw the most unusual colors. I did not see a sharp light—just translucent luminosity. The moment I began painting the vision, each and every brushstroke was making a different sound, impossible to duplicate, and I began feeling an intense buzzing of the bronze fog. With more lines added, I began smelling a strange and intense fragrance, all intertwined with ear-piercing sounds and colors. The more I painted, the deeper I was journeying into the world which was interacting and pulling me into the inexplicable synchronicity of sensations. I felt as if I were in the middle of a time and space explosion where the giant forces of the macrouniverse were simultaneously operating on a molecular level.I really thought I would finish the painting in a day. But I always miscalculate time. The Entanglement took me the whole week. The creation of an intricate time and space tapestry and the vital movements of the universe have been captured just the way I had seen it.Video Description (Click to View) 

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