(A narrative from Akiane’s short film Patience)In the beginning there was nothing but a plain field. Someone planted a small forest and waited. Waited the whole year. Nothing but the same parched plain field was visible month after month after month.Another year passed, yet there was no sight of any seedling, let alone a tree. Then the third year went by without any hint of new vegetation. After the fourth year, all hope was gone that something other than a lifeless, desertlike land would ever appear. By the fifth year, all the hard work of planting was almost forgotten. But unseen and unknown, all the growth persistently and slowly was taking place underground. Only when the solid foundation of roots was fully established, suddenly something small appeared above the ground—a seedling. And then, just three months later, eighty-foot tall bamboo trees dwarfed everything in sight.It took five years to grow the roots and only three months to grow the whole bamboo forest that grew with an unprecedented, almost miraculous speed, and so did the abundance. The forest brought the clouds and the rain. And the rain brought a creek, and the creek brought diversity of wildlife. Soon, the abundance of a new lush forest welcomed new life, new sounds, new creativity, new friendships, new adventures, new connections . . . and a new perception of patience.

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