Life Maze


Sometimes it appears that we are planted like trees somewhere in the middle of the most bewildering maze of life without any map and without any way out. Because of exasperation, self-preservation, or domination, many have tried growing over the weakest and the youngest in order to see their own way out of the dead end. As soon as the first glimpse of the horizon becomes visible, we quickly get disillusioned that we will never be able to escape this meticulously managed labyrinth. It takes much time and maturity to find out that we need each other’s guidance and trust in order to make this intense lifetime to be purposeful and fulfilling. Only when we connect our roots and branches with one another, and only when we help others grow and reach higher, can we discover our best course through life. Indifference of our mistakes makes us different. Elegance of intelligence ensures challenges. We cannot complain to the possibility.