Water Angel


A water angel hums and pours her true essence to everyone around her, creating a ripple vibration of creativity and time. She is one of the most pristine forms of life: wild and untamed—a mystery that allures everything around her. Using the elements of time and energy, the water angel is almost always in motion. Transforming into a raindrop, a crystal, a snowflake, a dewdrop, a teardrop, or a rainbow, she is a magical designer manifesting enormous oceans, lakes, rivers, and waterfalls. She determines the mood of life around her by sensing and absorbing emotions at any distance: remaining tranquil like an iceberg and fog, or wild and unpredictable like a raging flood and a steaming geyser. Able to dissolve, dilute, transport, and react with every element essential for life, her sacredness is encoded into the liquid cells of all life, becoming part of all consciousness ever present at birth and death. She is the memory keeper, the healer, the purity of existence effortlessly removing waste and illusion. She is changing and sustaining, sublime and indestructible, both in enslavement and in freedom. As a fountain of youth, the water angel is the survival and the oasis for all mortal life—the passage of time and change.