The Swing


Catching the middle of the rainbow, the center of the cosmic spectrum, the pulsating green is the most visible hue to human vision. Green is the balance between the two extremes that influences a child’s life in unexpected ways. The light green represents learning and well-being, but a mistreated green suddenly becomes murky and muddy with worry and bitterness, and it seems that no amount of light can return her to its original vibrant color. Except . . . for the swinging. Let the disturbance of the childhood memories find its own current of restoration that shelters others. Let a continuous movement of catching the color of balance, safety, and healing be the purpose, so others who are vulnerable could be also protected and healed. Subdued hail becomes the rain, and wet barks fall off sycamore trees like soaked burdens off the souls. I bear a tear and frame it on a swing. So here am I—like a raindrop—without any experience of falling . . .