Serenade | 4×4 Acrylic Glass Print




During Akiane’s visionary painting, the epochs got mingled through the past, present and future as continents, cities, villages were flashing before her eyes exposing a warm light on someone who was in the dark. She had no clue who he was. As he was turning, she tried to repaint him as he began turning and moving his shoulders and eyes. His gentle glance was focusing on something Akiane could not see. She heard a beautiful and timeless serenade, and she knew this portrait was somehow very special.

Right in the middle of her work she painted over the face with layers of semitransparent shades of veil recreating his new path in life. It was clearly the light she had seen that brought this enigmatic persona into another phase—the phase of action and transformation. Akiane never found out who this individual was: an angel or a man, a messenger or a lover, or if he was a sailor, a fisherman, an apostle or a merchant. More than once, he appeared to her as a poet, a sculptor, a musician, and a dancer. Yet at other times, she sensed an obscured and indiscernible hero.