About Akiane

“…Akiane is obviously gifted!”

Oprah, Oprah Winfrey Show, ABC




  • Featured on hundreds of media outlets, documentaries and television & radio shows such as such as Oprah Winfrey Show, Katie Couric Show, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Glen Beck Show/CNN, The View, Fox News, Montel Williams Show, Late Late Show, Lou Dobbs Show/CNN, Hour of Power, “Super Human Genius”, “Indigo Evolution”, “Miracle Detectives”, “Extreme Prophetic”, TBN (Trinity Broadcast Network). Supreme Master Television, Stilius/LTV/EU, Japanese TV Super kids, Studio 10/Network Ten & Sunrise/Seven Network (Australia), and numerous others.


  • Top media coverage in Australia, China, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Russia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Netherlands, France, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, Middle East and Norway.


  • Almost 450 million visitors on Akiane Gallery  www.akiane.com over a span of a decade.


  • Akiane’s art exhibitions have been held in museums, galleries, embassies, private mansions, universities, institutes, monasteries, churches, and corporations across the world.


  • Many of the world’s leaders, royalty, scientists, media, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and celebrities have been acquainted with her art or collecting it. Her originals have been selling for hundreds of thousands dollars apiece, and a few have been valued at one million dollars.


  • Contributed to over two hundred charitable international foundations and fundraisers including Northwest Medical Teams, Smile Network, Cancer organizations, Independent Schools, etc. Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised through auctions and art exhibits, or donated to needy people throughout the globe.


  • Considered as the youngest binary prodigy in both realistic art and poetry in the recorded history. The works Akiane created at the age of eight reached and exceeded the maturity level of a seasoned artist. No other known child art prodigy has ever created at the level of such sophistication as Akiane. As the world’s most successful visual art child prodigy, Akiane was inducted into the Richest Kids-Entrepreneurs of America, the Kids Hall Of Fame, and World Council for Gifted and Talented Children. “My sight cannot wait for me”, Akiane’s first original painting was sold for $10,000 USD when she was only eight.


  • Portrayed in “Heaven is For Real”, a New York Times best-selling book and feature movie.


  • Honorary recipient of The Happiness Hall of Fame


“No matter what distance we cross each step is still an infinity.”

Akiane, Age 8




  • Born on July 9th, 1994 in a shack on the edge of a cornfield in Mt. Morris, Illinois, USA.


  • Heritage: Lithuanian, Jewish, Danish, Russian, Polish, French, Hungarian and Chinese. Mother: pedagogue, lecturer, counsellor and writer. Father: hospital dietary director, chef and cooking instructor.


  • The third of five children, Akiane regards her four precocious brothers as her best friends. “I grew up without any close friends, extended family or relatives.


  • While my oldest brothers helped my art journey, my youngest brothers slowed it down. But it’s my youngest brothers who’ve kept me grounded.”


  • At four began expressing her complex visions through drawing utilizing whatever medium was found on hand: candles, fruits, vegetables, charcoal or pencils.


  • At six began experimenting with color pastels, and at seven with acrylic paints.


  • At eight completed her first five-foot long oil paintings mastering realism and holding her first solo art exhibits.


  • At nine was discovered and featured by Oprah Winfrey.


  • At ten her first book “Akiane: her life, her art, her poetry” was published by Harper-Collins-Thomas Nelson, and her unique story rapidly circled the whole world.


“Only when we are filled with light we cannot live unnoticed.”

Akiane, Age 8





  • Considers herself a journalist artist exploring and interpreting diverse epochs, cultures, faiths, worlds through her art. “I want people to find hope in my work.”


  • Every so often paints commissioned portraits and soul-scapes—mystic landscapes of the soul—a visionary interpretation of a soul’s journey through life—an individual’s past and future. “I try to decode and interpret a soul’s direction and purpose and depict exact locations and experiences that could be identified within a person’s lifetime.”

  • Uses real models, authentic biographies and visionary experiences for creating her paintings.


  • During her painting listens to international news and comedy in different languages and multi-ethnic music, especially in the cinematic, indie and jazz style


  • Paints on canvas, linen, tile and wood. Prefers large dimensions.


  • Mostly uses seven colors of Liquitex or Golden brand acrylic paints: Titanium White, Mars Black, Cadmium Red Medium, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Crimson. “I view my brushes, my palette, my paints and my art aprons as temporary tools. Actually, I do not use them—I “abuse” them. I mix the paints on a paper palette and never water them. Dried up piles of paint get formed into sculptures. I may use my fingers or my own hair for making certain brush stroke textures on the canvas. I wipe my brushes right on an apron that may have up to three pounds of dried up paint on it. At the end of almost each painting the bristles either fall apart or barely hang on to the brush handles. I keep my brushes in water and never dry them or clean them. I alter or even damage most of my brushes purposefully in order to achieve a specific texture. Very few brushes ever last for more than a few months. “The survivors” are given away as sought after souvenirs to art collectors.


  • Each day paints up to 4 hours, sketches up to 2 hours and searches for real life models or reference materials up to 2 hours. During travel prefers conceptualizing, planning, sketching, and photographing instead of painting.


  • During a beginning of a painting starts with dark colors first, then graduates to light colors.


  • It takes up to 3-4 months to complete a single painting. It takes another 2 to 8 months to prepare an original for a limited edition reproduction-giclee print. “Sixteen Lives in the Wind” was the painting that took the longest: seven months.


  • Has beginning to end educational videos, but enjoys interactive teaching the most.


  • Never uses projectors, rulers or other artificial measurements as correction tools—only a small mirror. Paints by experimentation, feel, sight, visualization and by moving the original around the studio in order to achieve a new perspective. Creates up to sixteen fully completed paintings on top of one another on the same canvas before completing a single story.


  • Paints before dawn, sketches in the afternoon, and composes music after dusk. Prefers her studio and living spaces to be light and with big windows even though the painting process takes place before the sunrise.


  • Works daily on screenplay story books, scripts and music composition for production of the feature movies.


  • Uses facial mapping of Ancient Chinese Medicine for artistic diagnostics.


  • Believes that science in the future will be able to reveal quantum relationships of codes and encrypted messages that she has purposefully hidden in her originals.


  • A number of originals reveal mysterious superimposed images and holograms.


  • Views her originals as her art offspring and regards their placement in a collector’s home as a delicate adoption process.


  • Attributes her talent and success to diligent work ethics, self-education, solid family support, and cultural & spiritual factors.


“Only from the deep coal tunnels white diamonds come.
But only by the light they are recognized.”

Akiane, Age 8





  • Lived in three continents. Considers Australia, United States and Lithuania/EU as her home.


  • Communicates in five languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian, American Sign Language, and Japanese. Mother tongue: Lithuanian: the oldest Indo European Language, closest to Sanskrit.


  • Enjoys yoga, resistance training, walking, bike riding on the beach, running, playing basketball & tennis.


  • Needs solitude and serenity every day, particularly during creative time. Gets most creative when it rains and thunderstorms.


  • Delights in being around orchards, gardens, equestrian ranches, cottages, animal sanctuaries, but not farms, circus or zoos.


  • Enjoys busy crowds and walkable cities, especially museums, theaters, skyscrapers, crosswalks, cobblestone streets, old bridges, cafes, train stations and airports.


  • Adores deciduous trees, especially willows, birch, fig-trees, maples and Sakura cherry.


  • Gets rejuvenated around creeks, waterfalls, oceans, water fountains, lush nature parks, green rolling hills, but not by the rivers, lakes, mountains or deserts.


  • Admires elephants, dolphins, horses, polar bears, kangaroos, giraffes, foxes, lions, big dogs, Australian magpies, eagles, hawks, hummingbirds, jellyfish, dragonflies and ladybugs.


  • Interests: languages, poetry, photography, cinematography, animation and Japanese traditional calligraphy.


  • Appreciates theater plays, museum exhibits and music concerts in every traveled country she visits or lives.


  • Does not like traveling in a car and does not have a driver’s license, but can fly a Sesna plane.


  • Over the years hair has naturally changed all colors from black to red to light blond to all shades of brown.


  • Loves routine. Makes her own mental schedule and tries to stick to it. Goes to sleep before 9 PM and gets up at 2:30 AM. Takes a short nap each day. Likes living and sleeping in her art studio. “At night the world seems to slow down, quiet down, and time extends. I get so much done in so little time. I embrace early morning as my teacher.”


  • Drinks up to twenty cups of tea a day: linden flower, ceremonial Macha tea, English breakfast black, Chai latte, chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, and orange blossom.


  • Loves the scent of fruit, pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon.


  • Prefers Asian and Italian cuisine—Eats only with chopsticks—Likes making surprise celebrations—Does not like sweets, junk food, seafood, nuts or alcohol—Chews gum during creative peaks and challenging trials.


  • Considers herself reserved, practical, analytical, non-judgmental, trustworthy, ambitious, light-hearted, far-sighted, conscientious, competitive, athletic, disciplined, cautiously fearless, a perfectionist and a minimalist.


  • Loves observing, mentoring, empathizing and inspiring people, making them laugh, feel secure, think and create outside the box.


  • Prefers face to face interactions—not by phone, skype or social media. Would rather get to know people through actual work and recreation rather than conversation alone.


  • Lips reads, face reads, and enjoys spending time in bookstores and libraries, but does not like reading books.


  • Values fortitude, humility, simplicity, balance, flexibility, commitment, punctuality, efficiency, perseverance, passion, generosity, forgiveness, integrity and sincerity.


  • Future goals: founding an Arts Academy, producing & directing movies and uniting the world countries through arts.


“Behind each door we shake is a reality. Many imitate limits, not unlimited potentials. We should not complain to the possibility.”

Akiane, Age 8


“Receive life like a gift and release it like a present.”

Akiane, Age 8