Search For Truth


With so many scientific achievements we know so little of where we came from and where we are going. During our lifelong search and discovery of the origin, destiny, and meaning of life, time and again, we share our deep convictions in a forceful way. Unaware of deep reality mysteries, we keep on ruling, possessing, and “trampling” over the most vulnerable. Through a shatterproof mask and rigid space suit of our beliefs we are unable to touch or smell even the most delicate and fragrant blossoms. As we journey through life, however, only love can accept our differences, and only love can allow space for our continuing growth. Those that expose themselves as knowing the truth lose the battle of innocence and humility and eventually pull a trigger at the universe. We cannot teach a flower how to grow—we can only learn from it. Without truth we are without vows. Without vows we are without protection. The truth can become like a terrorist attack if the witnesses of truth are always right. The opinions of both the truth and a lie are victims.