In the middle of my world travels I developed a simple concept which was meant to take only a few days to illustrate. Even though I worked on one of the smallest canvases, it turned out be one of my most complicated and most mysterious originals that I had ever created. Over a period of many weeks after dozens of completed paintings and countless experimental metaphors were abandoned under hundreds of layers of paints, I became more and more frustrated, and, when I was about to discard the entire project, a hologram and a message manifested in front of me: “Each feather is a new flight, a new journey, and a new experience, bridging temporal and permanent existence. We cannot live unnoticed only when we are filled with light.” Shortly after, I completed the message, and those who observed it found themselves absorbed into the bottomless canvas of an inspired expedition: the longer they examined it, the more mysteries they discovered. Equipped with a magnifying glass, sheer curiosity, and a bit of investigation, the most patient art enthusiasts were able to discover numerous superimposed and hidden stories.