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In between her media appearances and extensive traveling Akiane continued painting and spending considerable time looking for different models and praying about finding them for her paintings. “Faith” and “Hope” were based on one of those incredible survival stories about a newborn girl who was tied up to a board and thrown out to die on a dirt road in China before she was found and rescued. When Akiane met her a year later, she knew right away that she would dedicate her story to all the abandoned and neglected children.

Across the blades of harvest—across the cobwebs with knots improper dreams wrinkle childhood…

Still the seeds are too young to fight— still the guilty feel no remorse. The war in the soil…

Without any cries and without any touch— the cradles are left behind. Only innocence grows the conception.

A silhouette of the eyes—a silhouette of the rainbows. Pain of wisdom in dust.

Within each broken branch—within each fallen petal rainbow-colored hope.

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