Footsteps Of Eternity


As a young girl I used to feel that I was just a visitor here on earth, and my permanent home and family were somewhere else. I recalled having chosen my own earthly parents, my own name, and even watching my own development as an embryo. Many of us carry an unforgettable impression that somewhere we have seen a better world than this one—our true home. Our desire and need for excellence is a vague reminiscence of that perfect place we had once known. Our craving for comfort, meaningful relationships, great architecture, and aesthetic surroundings stems from that forgotten source of abundance. It is as if we are constantly comparing the two states, yet rarely feeling full contentment. Our yearning for profound and wholesome connections stays within us; however, this world rarely meets our expectations—with our first mortal breath, we, immortal beings, forget our entire infinite experience. Even those who have completely forgotten our real past keep on striving for perfection as a compass. But those of us who vividly remember it experience rather conflicting emotions: on one hand, reassurance about our remarkable journey, and on the other hand—massive contrasts between the worlds. In many worlds, time and space do not exist the way we experience them here on earth, and a being can coexist in multiple physical and spiritual locations, the very inspiration for Footsteps of Eternity. We admire strength, but without us, strength has no longevity. Sometimes we are given more than we can handle so we can change others. Broken hearts become history and reveal a divine seal—we get distinguished as survivors. One day, we will walk in the same footsteps as our future.