Footsteps Of Eternity

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Relationship with our Selves is our relationship with our universe. The more we grow and trust our own sensitive compass to navigate through true reality, the more we get to experience a wider and more complete range of relationships and creations. This world rarely meets our expectations, and our forgetfulness of our Divine Self and purpose for us is a true mystery.  Many of us carry an unforgettable impression that somewhere we have seen a better world—our true home.  Even those who have completely forgotten our real past keep on striving for perfection. Our yearning for profound and wholesome connections stays within us. Our desire and need for excellence is a vague reminiscence of that idyllic place we once knew.  Our craving for comfort, meaningful and compassionate relationships, great architecture and aesthetic surroundings all stem from that forgotten source of inspirational beauty and abundance. In many worlds time and space do not exist the way we experience them here on earth, and a being can co-exist in multiple physical and spiritual locations. Footsteps of Eternity depicts the spiritual journey of our soul that is able to be present in multiple places, all at the same time. Empowered by God, our higher Selves—the divine and perfect selves grant our earthly selves what they desperately need. Whenever our earthly Self suffers or celebrates, so does our divine Self. “As it is in heaven, so it is on earth.” Even now on earth, if any human was to petition us to help them for the sake of vanity, greed or control, we would likely delay our assistance and, if possible, deny their request. But no matter how trivial the petition, if it is caring, most of us would immediately come to the rescue. In spiritual realms there are many diverse ways for communion, many cosmic illusions and special dramatizations that may last a very long time to be more believable and instructive. There are definite reasons for delays for our prayers, just as there are mysteries for visions and miracles that we may glimpse as shooting stars for just a few moments in our lifetime. Those few who vividly remember the past and are able to see beyond, experience rather conflicting emotions: on one hand, reassurance about our remarkable journey, but on the other hand – massive contrasts between the worlds. But respect for our brief, confusing, painful, and sometimes even cataclysmic earthly life is as vital for our spiritual well-being as enjoying a blissful life. Until we get to know God’s abundance of power, unconditional love, happiness, freedom and wisdom, the purpose of our limitations cannot be fully understood. Especially suffering.  The more we are connected to the infinite possibilities and our responsibilities in our Grand Reality, the more completely we are able to appreciate our being here—our mission—our calling—our purpose. Comprehending the significance of our living here forms peace and assurance of our oneness with everyone, the conviction that we are all part of that collective puzzle, part of one and the same Spirit, part of The Divinity, part of each and every one we will meet today on a train, in a bookstore, in a hospital or in a neighborhood park. We are all One, no matter in what form, space or time. We are not the same, but we all One split into many. And as One we can change the world in a ripple effect if we start changing just one single action. Just one single word or just one single thought. No matter how great and fantastic other worlds may be . . . our personal and individual human existence is an irreplaceable piece of the most important living experiential puzzle. And from an eternal perspective our earthly life may be one of the most valuable pieces of that puzzle, after all. 


Infinite intelligence always disagrees with the knowledge of time.

Time accepts infestations of illusion,

but eternity accepts manifestations of imagination.

An illusion can never go faster than the speed limit of reality.

Sometimes we are given more than we can handle,

so we can change others.

Without us, neither strength nor power has longevity.

One day, we will walk in the same footsteps as our future,

and broken hearts will become history revealing a divine seal—

the seal of distinguished survivors.

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