Dancing Against Time


Even though I never got to meet most of my great-grandparents, I treasured the stories they had passed along. Victoria, my great-grandmother, had to flee Lithuania, once a thriving haven for Jews. Her entire village of thousands of Ashkenazi Jews were all exterminated shortly after her miraculous escape to Brazil. Upon her return back home, World War II and a famine broke out, Victoria lost her husband, her right arm, and one of her six children. She was no longer persecuted as a Jew because of a changed surname, but she risked the lives of all her children by hiding other Jewish families in her home for two years until the end of the war. While my Jewish ancestors did not pass along their spiritual traditions, their lives did. On behalf of all those who have fought for freedom throughout the world, Dancing Against Time is my own dedication in the interpretative form of nine Menorah flame dancers sacrificing their lives for others, illuminating our darkest moments and honoring what is the most sacred.