Lilies Of The Valley

(A transcribed narrative from Akiane’s art film Lilies of the Valley)               Without a moment of rest, patiently flying through the Creator’s mysterious palette, our Earth is a courageous nomad. Her untouched forests, her relentless rivers, her breathtaking mountains, and her abundant wildlife are all connected to her untamed heart. All life on earth is unique. All life has a purpose, even life for human beings—the most fascinating creation on the planet—still immature and unpredictable—capable of destroying the entire world. The lilies of the valley are just like humanity—so delicate and beautiful, yet so toxic. Because of the poison, once in a while, the tormented earth floods her fragile flowers with her own ocean tears, too salty and too overpowering. But time after time, her tears gently nourish the roots of the lilies of the valley so humanity would always survive, thrive, and learn how to love. The earth proudly guards us as her most fragrant and priceless treasure displayed by the most vulnerable place—her own pulsating heart. Video Description (Click to View)

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