One summer we received a call from London. A week later, the stranger with the same distinct British accent was standing by the front door of our remote forest home in Idaho. We were stunned what we saw next: A Hindu monk from top to bottom dressed in his own traditional robes. The intention of his sudden arrival was to share an urgent, confidential, and spiritual message with me, then immediately return back home. However, my family and I convinced him to stay with us longer. During five days of his visit, he was sharing about his culture and traditions, eventually agreeing to model for me. A few months later, I began painting a new story, but its complete message was revealed to me much later. It was simple and clear: respecting differences of our unique spiritual crossroads to purity and harmony demonstrates maturity and contributes to reaching the Enlightenment. The journey to wisdom often becomes far from being enlightened, because the destination of wisdom is a continuous journey.