“The meaning of the shared self
is the meaning of wisdom & love ”
Oprah The Oprah Winfrey Show
“We are meeting the world's most talented kids. Our guest is already earning a lot of money for her work and she is only 9. We discovered Akiane Kramarik in a small town in Idaho...”

“Akiane, 8 was a big year for you, a busy year! Oh, my goodness, I don't know, what 9 is going to bring, but this is huge!... I love your self portrait – it is gorgeous, but I think the African lady is my favorite! I don't know, if it's because she's African and I am African-American, but her eyes are extraordinary! I think the depth and the color of the eyes are full of real richness and soulfulness, and the light feature is so great in the Jesus painting. You picked up so nicely the texture of his hair. That is amazing! You do faces very well! You obviously are gifted!”
Katie Couric NBC, Katie Couric Show
“I cannot believe this, you were only 8 years old when you painted this [Prince Of Peace]...”

“Well your paintings are extraordinary, to say the least...”
Peter Jennings World News Tonight/ABC
“Akiane is a gifted and seasoned artist who is totally focused on her work. She is a renowned prodigy in the arts world!”
Glenn Beck CNN
“An extrodinary artist that paints about love and faith...”

“A self taught artist who says her inspiration comes from above. Paintings that are spritual, emotional, and created by a twelve year old prodigy...”
Craig Ferguson The Late Late Show
“What a amazing and talented young girl!!!”
Lou Dobbs CNN
“All of the young people of 'Americas bright Future' we have met have been remarkable in their passion and their achievement, but nothing has prepared us for this 9-year-old who has mastered the art of realist paintings and signs her paintings simply 'Akiane'.”

“Now what sets Akiane apart from other child prodigies is that her paintings are so realistic and so full of emotion. It is much more common for child prodigies to produce abstract art . Realism of this quality in a child is quite unusual. To see this kind of detail, the flair is just incredible! It is a gift! Amazing gift! What a remarkable young lady!”
Josh Grobon
“You are a wonder! Thank you for touching the world the way you do...”
Wayne Brady The Wayne Brady Show
“Akiane, you are amazing! What a talented young lady! Wow, your paintings are beautiful! You truly mastered realism! Wow, what an inspiration!”
Diane Sawyer ABC, Good Morning America
“Her work is absolutely gorgeous...”
Robert Schuller The Crystal Cathedral/Hour Of Power - California, United States
“Akiane, you are an incredible young lady! We thank you for using these precious little hands to do incredible work for God. Absolutely spectacular paintings! God loves you and so do we.”
Fox Magazine/Fox News
“To say that Akiane has extraordinary talent is a gross understatement. She is a young genius and a spiritual young lady with an amazing gift who is changing the lives of all who have come in contact with her.”
Jurij Sizenov Nikolaevich Shabolovka (Russian television and mega radio network)
“We are all in total awe here, at this Russian television station! We compared Akianes's extraordinary painting Prince of Peace with the computerized image taken from the Shroud Of Turin, that was hanging in my office. To our complete shock and marvel we found virtually an exact match! It is a miracle and it must come from God! There are no words to describe how a little 8-year-old girl could portray such wisdom, compassion and love in the eyes she painted. The technical and emotional details along with the visual strength in her paintings are astounding and stupendous! When I have a difficult day, all I need to do is to look at her paintings. In her striking self-portrait the light literally comes forth from her…What a mission on earth she carries! Bravo!”
KREM 2 News CBS - Spokane, Washington
“Akiane is incredible! Her paintings are 30 times her size! So inspiring and incredible! What a talent!”
'Young Artist Divine Gift' Weekly News - Scotland
“As word spreads about Akiane's incredible talent, her giant paintings are quickly snapped up, and these days they command hefty price tags. Now 9-year-old Akiane is possibly the most successful young painter in the world!”
'Dream Child' Today's Christian - Illinois, United States
“Akiane is hoping to use her amazing gift to help feed needy children around the world. When asked why she thinks she received the gift, Akiane thinks that she has been blessed by God for one reason and one reason only, and that is to help others.”
'Strokes of Genius' Spokesman Review - Spokane, Washington, United States
“Just 10, Akiane Kramarik is dazzling everybody with her painting and poetry. She is also compiling a book of more than 300 poems, some long, some short, all meaningful and symbolic, And each painting has a corresponding poem.”
'The Fine Art's Phenomenon' Spokesman Review - Spokane, Washington, United States
“…an 8 year-old prodigy's paintings and poetry attract experts' attention. We are not aware of any other expert who has been able to offer a plausible explanation for how a person is so accomplished to master this, when never afforded years of experience. Akiane is probably the only visual arts prodigy to have mastered realism. Every other prodigy has mastered forms such as either cubism or abstraction. Which means, frankly, that you don't know if they made a mistake. But realism is considered the most difficult to master. Akiane's art is only one facet of what makes her so special. Her poetry is as much in her heart and soul as are her paintings. You can justifiably call her an old soul in a young person's body. One sees the expression on the face she has brushed on the canvas and then realizes where it is coming from.”
'For the love of art' Spokesman Review - Spokane, Washington, United States
“Would you believe this is a self-portrait painted by an 8-year-old?! A young artist and kid poet Akiane has an amazing talent for art! She is only in 4th grade...!”